This post is a repost a blog of a friend of mine. He is also an avid photographer and his blog featured some beautiful pictures. He has kindly allowed me to share his thoughts (and one of his pictures) on the SEND U Training blog.

Today I wanted to draw your attention to a new page that I just added. Gospel Saturation is a page of resources to help you understand and move towards the process of preaching the Gospel daily – to yourself!

Yes, you read that right. Preaching the Gospel to yourself. You can read what I mean on the Gospel Saturation page. The resources that are there are to help us keep on track. You might think, “there’s too much, where do I start?” If you want to start, I suggest starting with the resources below (and no, they are not long or big reads)…

  • John Piper, “Preach the Gospel to Yourself” (3:25-minute video) — this is very important, just a clip from a message on Ps 42, talking to yourself to combat doubt and depression! This is gospel truth application – great example!
  • John Piper, “You Need the Gospel Everyday” (2:22-minute video)
  • Living the Cross Centered Life, CJ Mahaney (a short book to re-read often, I think CJ does an amazing job of getting to the heart of applying the Gospel to daily life)
  • A Gospel Primer for Christians, Milton Vincent (small powerful book, nuggets of Gospel truth to feed your soul)

Right now I am reading through Creatures of the Word, and once you finish the above resources, this would be a great place to go next. The book applies the Gospel truths and being soaked with the Gospel to the Church as a whole. Great read so far!

Preaching the gospel to yourself is essential in the task of Christian living and Christian growth. It is the process of appropriating the gospel, believing it and clinging to it, in the face of trails, sin and our fight for joy. It is the process that drives us and impacts us to spread that joy and declare the greatest news we’ve ever heard. The implications of the Gospel are many…we need to appropriate the truths of the Gospel to our life daily!