Over the past three months, this blog has been hibernating, and I am not happy about it. I could give you a number of excuses such as a busy fall travel schedule and several training and speaking engagements. But now that we are back in Kiev, I am hoping to encourage the blog to come out of hibernation, with possibly some help from fellow colleagues in our mission organization.

Let me begin by highlighting some recent additions to our SEND U wiki. The wiki continues to be the primary collection of the training resources that SEND U provides. But I continue to receive emails from various missionaries within our organization asking for some training resource that I have mentioned in the past. I am glad to direct my colleagues to the desired resource, but I have noticed that almost always, the training resource can be found relatively simply by typing what you are looking for into the search box in the top left menu box on every page. In fact, I often find myself going to the wiki and searching it rather than looking for the files on my own computer.

The wiki also makes it quite easy to identify any recent additions or changes to the content. New sections (pages) on the wiki are identified as in the menu area on the left side. But you can also find additions to existing pages. Simply click on Recent Changes in that same top left menu box found on every page. Note however that not all the changes listed are significant. Any formatting changes also register in this list. If you click on the greyed text in each item, you will see the list expand to show the actual changes, many of which are not significant.

But we have added a few good resources to the wiki recently.

TCK educational helps. Judy Severns, our coordinator for the TCK Education department has recently recommended a number of on-line schools for MKs as well as some other resources for Third Culture Kids and their education.

Evangelism. On the “Engaging the Unreached” page under “Personal Evangelism Training“, I have posted a link to a good resource from David Garrison and Training for Trainers on a variety of different ways of presenting the Gospel that have used in church planting movements in SE Asia. Any3 has been developed in a Muslim ministry context. C2C (Creator to Christ Story) came out of working with illiterate animists. One of our more effective evangelists has written an article entitled “Thoughts from a Fisherman“, about overcoming some of the obstacles to becoming a “fisher of men.”

Story-telling. At our recent Directors’ Council in Thailand, we participated in a great workshop on story-telling. Our facilitator, Dr. Larry Dinkins of OMF, shared his story of how he came to realize the importance and impact of story-telling in the Thai culture. I will be posting more on story-telling and orality in the future, but for now, let me point you to the new wiki page on story-telling.