April 13, 2024

Last month I asked our SEND missionaries to fill out a simple survey about what roles they thought SEND U should play in our mission organization.  I used the analogy of a campus.  If SEND International was a university campus, what role or roles would SEND U fill on that campus?  Would we be like the classroom where missionaries would receive formal instruction and training from the “experts”?   Would we be more like the faculty offices where missionaries could meet with the “experts” to discuss their questions about what they are learning and doing?   Or should we think of ourselves more like an academic counselling department where you could get assistance if you are struggling to succeed?  All of those options were chosen by a significant percentage of our missionaries.   But the highest number of our missionaries said that one of the roles that SEND U should play is that of a library – a place where missionaries could go to find information and resources for their life and ministry.

We have been seeking to provide that library of resources on the SEND U wiki, and through this blog, and so it is encouraging but not surprising that our missionaries see that as a valid role.  During the recently completed online module for SEND team leaders, the class participants suggested a number of books in the area of leadership, and these have been added to the wiki.   A couple of resources were also mentioned in the area of discipleship, but this area is still pretty skimpy.   

What resources (not just books) would you recommend for helping cross-cultural missionaries in discipling believers and becoming better disciple-makers? Let me know in the comments section below, and I will add them to the wiki.

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