Review: From Seed to Fruit, 2nd Edition

The Second edition of From Seed to Fruit: Global Trends, Fruitful Practices, and Emerging Issues among Muslims, edited by J. Dudley Woodberry contains reports and analyses of the Global Trends and Fruitful Practices Consultation in 2007. The consultation included almost 500 people from around the globe involved in outreach to Muslims. The book is a …

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Webinars for training missionaries

Another training resource that is available to missionaries are webinars (interactive seminars offered over the Internet).  These webinars allow a missionary to receive additional training from experts in a particular subject area without requiring the missionary to travel or experience a significant interruption in his ministry. The best source that I have found for webinars for …

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obtaining good English books on the mission field

Maybe you are wondering how a missionary obtains access to all these great books that SEND U is recommending at Most countries in which we work have very limited opportunities to purchase books in English, and basically nothing is available on topics related to professional development of missionaries. So we can order from Amazon, …

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