September 28, 2023

Today’s book review was written by Brittany Garrett, who serves with her husband and 3 children in Romania.


Sensible Shoes: A Story About the Spiritual Journey by Sharon Garlough Brown is a fictional narrative of four women on a journey toward deeper intimacy with Christ.  Each of these women bring their own baggage as they begin their Sacred Journey, and we get to witness their brokenness as well as the beginnings of their healing.

I saw part of myself in each of the four main characters.  As they learned about some of the spiritual disciplines, I, too, learned practical ways to apply them.  I enjoyed watching their stories unfold and felt satisfaction as an onlooker getting to see how God was creating beauty from their mess.  You see their struggle and their resistance to some of the disciplines and how God uses even our resistance to show us His faithful pursuit of us.

Some of the practices highlighted in the book include prayer walking, praying the Word, self-examination, and confession.  I found myself bristling at some of the practices that the book teaches, but I found that those things fostered good discussion with my husband and further study in the Bible.  Our spiritual journey is not an easy one, nor is it pretty.  I love that Sensible Shoes shows the nitty-gritty of growing in Christ and His tender grace toward us as He transforms us by the power of His Gospel.

This book was brought to my attention through SEND’s women’s connection groups and I benefited from the wisdom and feedback of the others who participated in the group discussion and I look forward to diving into the other books in the series.

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