Women to Women Ministry Training

Well over half of the members of our mission are women.  Increasingly as a mission, we are recognizing the priority of providing training specifically designed for them and the ministry challenges they face. Although the majority of the women that join SEND have received excellent biblical and ministry training prior to their acceptance, many of our women have not had the opportunity to fully exercise their gifts and utilize their training when they arrive on their chosen field of service.   Instead, they have chosen to prioritize their children’s nurture and educational needs in those first years on the mission field.  When their children no longer need as much time from Mom, a refresher in training is needed (as for all of us who have graduated from seminary or Bible college in a previous decade).

I also want to highlight the Entrust Women to Women Ministry Training that our SEND Women’s Ministry Team is sponsoring and hosting on the SEND Farmington, Michigan campus. The training has been designed specifically with missionary women in mind, and equips them with the skills and confidence to lead inductive Bible studies and disciple women. Those who participated in the WWMT last October spoke very highly of the training.  They also described the training as intense and a lot of hard work!   (Hearing that, I am glad that I can use my gender as an excuse for not attending.)   I particularly appreciate the emphasis in this training on adult educational principles and the concept of equipping women to shepherd other women.  The next training on the SEND campus is scheduled for October 14-21, 2011 and the topic is “Facilitating Relational Learning”.

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