Feeding yourself and discipling others

A book I want to highlight this week is The Divine Mentor: Growing Your Faith as You Sit as the Feet of the Saviour by Wayne Cordeiro. One of our senior missionaries who is well-known for his commitment to discipling young men recommended it to me. He said that he hands it out frequently to those whom he is discipling.   About the same time, I received the book as a Christmas gift. Over the Christmas holidays, I finished it.  It is a very easy read, with lots of illustrations from Cordeiros’ pastoral ministry.

Essentially the book talks about the importance of and a method for a regular devotional study of Scripture.  Pretty basic stuff for a missionary, right?  Well, this missionary found that the simple journalling method (S.O.A.P) taught in the book was what I needed to move from journalling once in a while to recording on a daily basis my reflections and personal application based on what God is teaching me in Scripture.   I really like Cordeiro’s suggestions for how one’s personal devotional time can easily be used as a foundation for discipling others and teaching them to feed themselves as well – without adding a lot of meetings to your schedule.

2 thoughts on “Feeding yourself and discipling others

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