April 13, 2024

Operation World – A Wealth of Information

I received my copy of the new version of Operation World yesterday.  I had ordered the Professional DVD edition with many additional maps, charts, and PowerPoint presentations, as well as the right to reproduce the content for ministry purposes. It even gives me the ability to put OW on my Kindle.   The DVD edition costs $30, including shipping, and is well worth the investment.  I thought that it would be ready for me to take back to Ukraine when I was in the USA in November, but it arrived at our US office address just a couple of days after I left. So I am just starting to investigate the wealth of resources available on the DVD. Thus far, I have been surprised to find out that I can create my own maps, displaying for example the evangelical annual growth rate for each country of the world.  That particular map… Read the whole post
Church Planting, Team Leadership

Training for Cross-Cultural Church Planters

In SEND U, we are very open to partnering with other organizations in providing training for our missionaries.   As the saying goes, “Why re-invent the wheel?”  One of the more profitable partnerships for SEND has been with ReachGlobal, the international mission arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America.   Through ReachGlobal’s training arm, EQUIP, SEND U has developed and facilitated an online training module for SEND team leaders.   A second edition of this training module is scheduled to begin on February 14, 2011.   Although the primary target of this training is for SEND team leaders, I am willing to enroll a few team leaders from other mission organizations. More information about this training module is available on the SEND U wiki. Contact me if you are interested in enrolling. Another opportunity for partnership in training comes in the area of training church planters.  Our SEND Directors’ Council recently asked SEND… Read the whole post
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