July 13, 2024

In SEND U, we are very open to partnering with other organizations in providing training for our missionaries.   As the saying goes, “Why re-invent the wheel?”  One of the more profitable partnerships for SEND has been with ReachGlobal, the international mission arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America.   Through ReachGlobal’s training arm, EQUIP, SEND U has developed and facilitated an online training module for SEND team leaders.   A second edition of this training module is scheduled to begin on February 14, 2011.   Although the primary target of this training is for SEND team leaders, I am willing to enroll a few team leaders from other mission organizations. More information about this training module is available on the SEND U wiki. Contact me if you are interested in enrolling.

Another opportunity for partnership in training comes in the area of training church planters.  Our SEND Directors’ Council recently asked SEND U to develop a plan for church planter training – both basic training for appointees and continuing education for mission members. Fortunately, our Leadership Team had already been thinking along those lines and was ready with part of the solution to the DC request. We are recommending the ReachGlobal/ EQUIP church planting school for all SEND missionaries who have completed their language study and are headed into a church planting ministry.   Two members of our Leadership Team attended the training last summer, and based on their very positive evaluation, we are making this recommendation.

This training is called “Multiplying Churches Globally” and includes a second track for those who want to coach cross-cultural church planters.   The next church planter training will be held in Minneapolis from June 28-July 1, 2011, and so it best suits those who are on home service in North America during that time.  The cost for the training, accommodations and meals is about $400.  More information about the training (including the training topics) is available on the SEND U wiki.    Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this training.


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