February 26, 2024
Church Planting

Don’t Dismiss Small Beginnings

My DiSC profile says that I am a high “D” in personality type. That means I am supposed to be direct, decisive and driven. I think living in Asia for most of my adult life has probably softened some of the edges, and 27 years of married life has helped as well. But I admit that I prioritize results (the word “results” shows up 52 times on my DiSC profile!). I also admit that I am often tempted to discouragement when I look at my own ministry and that of my SEND colleagues around the world.  In most of the places where we work, our ministries are pretty small, and decisive results are not nearly always evident. In many places, we are just beginning, sowing seeds in hard places, building relationships, meeting with small groups of believers.    I love to hear and read about mass movements of people to Christ,… Read the whole post
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