April 13, 2024

During the summer, my coaching load went way down, but new coaching series are beginning in fall.  I am pleased to report that during the second quarter of 2010 (April – June), SEND missionaries were coached a total of at least 120 hours.  These are formal coaching hours that were reported to me, and I know there is more coaching going on within SEND than just this.  But according to my records, 33 different SEND missionaries were being coached during those 3 months.  A year ago, the total number of coaching hours and the number of missionaries being coached was about half of what it is today.   So SEND International is headed in the right direction!   In an organization of our size, if 25% of its membership was being coached at any one time, and coaching was happening twice a month, the quarterly totals of coaching hours would be over 800 hours.   So we have a way to go before we can call ourselves a coaching organization, but we have made great progress.

I would like to encourage missionaries to try coaching or at least investigate whether it might help them in their ministry and personal development.   The “coaching page” on the SEND U wiki has lots of helpful information about coaching, including a link to a great little evaluation to assess whether you might benefit from coaching.

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