June 21, 2024
Spain weather permitted us to do some of the training outside

I am on my way home from Barcelona, where I participated in a “Training for Trainers” workshop.   I was not doing the training, but instead receiving training in how to train others in coaching.

Last month, SEND U purchased the license and materials to train others in coaching, using the training materials developed by Keith Webb and Creative Results Management. Creative Results Management is the organization that has trained all of the coaches in the SEND U coaching pool, and a number of other coaches as well in SEND.  Now CRM has made a shorter version of the curriculum available to their graduates so that the training in coaching can multiply.   Furthermore, CRM provided some training to those who would use these training materials, to ensure that we would do so in the same interactive and effective style used by those who developed the training curriculum in the first place.

All of those in the SEND U coaching pool have completed their CRM Core Coaching Skills Certificate program, which requires 60 hours of training and a minimum of 25 hours of coaching practice.   But while many of our missionaries are interested in learning coaching skills, not nearly everyone is interested in such an extensive training program nor willing to raise the funds for the training, travel, and accommodations.    Nevertheless, SEND U would like to see our missionaries equipped to use coaching skills in their ministry and leadership, regardless of whether they ever become professional coaches.    For these reasons, the SEND U Leadership Team decided to purchase the training license so that I would be able to train our missionaries in coaching in a 3-day “Coaching Workshop“.     Having now gone through the “training for trainers” to prepare me to offer this coaching training, I am confident that the 3-day Coaching Workshop would be very helpful for any missionaries who desire to become more effective in empowering the people they disciple, train or lead to fully live out God’s calling in their lives.


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