Team Leader Training in Germany

 All the missionaries from the Eurasia region of SEND gathered in Lemgo from June 8-14 for Family Conference, which happens about once every 3-4 years.   This year, the team leaders and area leaders from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine arrived 3 days earlier (with their families) to participate in our first-ever Becoming an Effective Leader of a Team training (B.E.L.T.).

We met at a beautiful conference center called Sanderhof, just outside Lemgo.

In the training, we addressed three major topics:

  • Leading Peers (a look at intrinsic motivation, and how an understanding of what motivates a person should influence the way we lead)
  • Coaching (incorporating coaching skills into your leadership style).  This training included a lot of practice coaching with other participants in the training (see pictures)
  • Strengthening your Interpersonal Skills (specifically building trust and managing conflict well)

Each morning, the devotional time was led by one of the participants.   They addressed the question –  What has God taught me about maintaining my personal relationship with the Lord as I lead and serve others? The final morning, Robin & Jan Pocklington shared their perspectives on this question, based on their many years of leadership and ministry. Robin was also the main speaker during the Family Conference.

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