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Insider Movements: Other Religions

The term 'religion' is a hot topic of debate in the literature on Insider Movements. Some even question whether it is a meaningful concept. In this post we will explore three questions: "What is religion?", "What is the source of non-Christian religions?" and "Is God at work in non-Christian religions?" What is "religion"? In Understanding …

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Review: Early Christian Mission by Eckhard J. Schnabel

Early Christian Mission, published in 2004 by Eckhard J. Schnabel is a massive resource. The two volumes contain 1928 pages, 1588 of which are text. The size of the work will intimidate many but the thoroughness of Schnabel's scholarship is rewarding. Theologian and New Testament scholar Peter T. O'Brien gives this endorsement of this work: …

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Insider Movements: Understanding the Issues

"Over the past fifteen years missiologists have produced a massive amount of literature related to the contextualization debate surrounding the proposals of Insider Movement proponents." So begins J. Henry Wolfe in his article, "The Development of the Insider Movement Paradigm" (published July 2015, I have tried to digest a good portion of that material …

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