The Kingdom of God paradigm and Insider Movements

In our ongoing discussion of Insider Movements, we turn now to the question of what implications an understanding of the Kingdom of God might have for insider movements. In chapter 20 of Understanding Insider Movements, Anthony Taylor prefers the "Kingdom of God" paradigm over the "conflict of religions" paradigm. He writes: An alternative to the 'conflict …

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Keeping Evangelism and Discipleship together

During my college years I was involved in a coffee house ministry that reached out to street people in Worcester, Massachusetts. Many who dropped in were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. One of the evangelists said to me that if he could just get someone to say the sinner's prayer (even if they …

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What is the Biblical Support for Insider Movements?

Part 3 of Understanding Insider Movements begins: Are insider movements biblical? Or are they merely a missiological strategy with scant theological legitimacy, as some critics assert? (Kindle loc. 4234) This part of UIM contains a dozen biblical and theological studies that advocates of insider movements believe form the biblical foundation for insider movements. Frankly, I'm not convinced. …

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Missionary, know thyself!

by Josie Oldenburg  Multicultural teams work together more smoothly when the members understand their own cultures. These questions can help. I vividly remember the moment I understood that culture permeates all of life. I’d already been a missionary for a few years, and I was reading “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down,” the true story of an epileptic …

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Insider Movements: Other Religions

The term 'religion' is a hot topic of debate in the literature on Insider Movements. Some even question whether it is a meaningful concept. In this post we will explore three questions: "What is religion?", "What is the source of non-Christian religions?" and "Is God at work in non-Christian religions?" What is "religion"? In Understanding …

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Review: Early Christian Mission by Eckhard J. Schnabel

Early Christian Mission, published in 2004 by Eckhard J. Schnabel is a massive resource. The two volumes contain 1928 pages, 1588 of which are text. The size of the work will intimidate many but the thoroughness of Schnabel's scholarship is rewarding. Theologian and New Testament scholar Peter T. O'Brien gives this endorsement of this work: …

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